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If making investment decisions isn't something you have the time or interest in doing, Smart401k can help. You'll keep control over all of your accounts and have a professional investment service backing you up.

  • We'll review the funds available to you and create an investment plan for you to use.
  • You'll have access to a team of professional investment advisers and tools and resources to keep you on track 
  • You don't have to maintain any minimum balance or schedule any lengthy meetings.

Still not sure if Smart401k investment advice is right for you? Try 30 days of Smart401k - FREE.

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Use the promotion code FREE30 during registration and you're on your way to retirement investing the way it should be.

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How the trial works

Will I receive all of the benefits of Smart401k membership during the trial offer?

Yes. After you spend a few minutes setting up your account and completing the Investor Profile Questionnaire, Smart401k advisers will go to work creating an Investment Plan tailored to the funds available in your plan and the strategy that best fits your questionnaire responses.You'll receive the same high level of service and access to our many planning resources during the trial period.


What happens at the end of the trial?

Once the trial membership is over, if you want to continue working with us (and we really hope you do!), then do nothing. We'll continue to provide updated recommendations based on your needs and any market fluctuations. You'll continue to have access to all of our retirement planning resources to help keep you on track. And don't forget about our wonderful advisers. They're here to answer your retirement investing questions and help you navigate the market.


How do you bill me?

We believe retirement planning is an ongoing process, and we encourage our members to reallocate retirement accounts two-to-four times per year. Our service fee is $199.95 paid once per year or $236 paid four times per year ($59/quarter). During registration, you pick the payment schedule that makes you comfortable, and we'll bill your account at the end of the trial period.


What if I want to cancel?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Smart401k investment advice. If you wish to cancel your Smart401k membership, either during the trial or after it's over, sign in to your Smart401k account and update your billing profile. No hassle, no fuss. If Smart401k isn't right for you, we hope you'll pass the word to someone else who may need our help.

Our goal is to help you create a strong strategy for reaching your retirement goals - through planning and regular maintenance, retirement confidence is within your reach.