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Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 4/11/14


Market News and Notes:

Jobless claims at lowest level in 7 years

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rises to Highest Level Since July

Consumer Credit in U.S. Rose More Than Forecast in February

Interesting Retirement Investing Articles:

4 Things to Consider Before Changing Investments

Investing in 401k

The stock market has taken us for an emotional ride during the past couple of months, and with the uncertainty in Ukraine rattling investors, it doesn’t look like the feeling will end anytime soon. Whether it’s geopolitics or concerns over Federal Reserve policy, I can understand why some retirement investors are left feeling uncertain, or even a little afraid. After all, our retirement nest eggs are tremendously important to each of us.

Nevertheless, succumbing to that fear and uncertainty is neither necessary nor helpful. Those emotions bring out our deeply held fight-or-flight instincts. But here’s the deal: You don’t need to fight and you don’t need to flee. One of the best things retirement investors can do when the market gets rough is stay the course and resist the urge to make emotionally charged investing decisions.

Before you log in to your account or talk with your human resources representative to make changes to your 401(k) account, ask yourself these questions:

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 4/4/14


Market News and Notes:

Employers added 192,000 jobs in March

Weather, incentives help lift March U.S. auto sales

ISM manufacturing index rises slightly in March

Why it's Good to "Catch Up" With Your 401(k)

401k Catch Up

If you’ve done any research on saving and planning for retirement, chances are you’ve come across a study or two that details the retirement savings shortcomings of Americans, especially when it comes to baby boomers.

It’s probably no surprise to you, then, that more and more people nearing retirement are starting to realize their nest egg might not allow them to live the retirement lifestyle they once envisioned – and that it’s time to face the fact that they no longer have the luxury of decades to accumulate the savings they need.

What can someone in this situation do? Save more! And the best way for most workers approaching retirement to do this is with 401(k) catch-up contributions.

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 3/28/14


Market News and Notes:

New home sales slide to 5-month low

U.S. home prices rise in January: S&P/Case-Shiller

Business investment soft again in February

Interesting Retirement Investing Articles:

Be a Rule-Breaking Investor

Investing Rule Breaker

You may not realize it, but “rules of thumb” play a pretty big role in our financial lives.

From spending three months’ salary on an engagement ring to adjusting your portfolio to the classic "100 minus your age” formula, almost every aspect of our finances can be guided by some sort of rule. Although such rules can be helpful in providing a loose set of guidelines for those who may not have the knowledge, time or interest needed to develop a personalized plan, sometimes following the rules can lead you astray or maybe even leave you short of reaching your goals.

To really succeed in reaching your retirement and investing goals, sometimes you have to make your own rules. Let’s take a look at three popular investing rules, and consider what you should be doing instead:

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 3/21/14


Market News and Notes:

Consumer prices rise as food prices jump

Home-builder confidence ticks up in March

Sales of existing homes in U.S. fall to lowest since 2012

Interesting Retirement Investing Articles:

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 3/14/14


Market News and Notes:

Feb. retail sales rebound despite winter weather

U.S. consumer sentiment slips; bad weather eyed

Jobless claims fall to 3-month low of 315,000

Interesting Retirement Investing Articles:

5 'Yes's' for Your 401(k)

Yes's for your 401k

Last week I wrote about 401(k)-related questions to which the answer is almost always "no." To counter that, this week I have a list of questions to which the answer is almost always "yes." These common questions stump many retirement plan participants trying to decide how to make the most of their investments. Remembering "yes" could help you accumulate more money for retirement.

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 3/7/14


Market News and Notes:

Economy adds 175,000 jobs, beating forecasts

Consumer Spending in U.S. Rose More Than Forecast in January

U.S. manufacturing growth accelerates in February

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