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Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 7/25/14


Market News and Notes:

Higher pump prices fuel inflation pickup in June

June's pace of new-home sales hits three-month low

Existing-home sales hit fastest pace since Oct.

Interesting Retirement Investing Articles:

7 Steps to Reach Your Retirement Goals

Beach Retirement

What’s your retirement dream? Travel the world? Move to Arizona? Become a migratory snowbird? Improve your golf game? Open a part-time consulting business? Spoil your grandchildren?

Whether retirement is decades away or just around the corner, it’s difficult for many retirement investors to determine whether retirement dreams are actually attainable goals. But this is no time to stick your head in the sand because retirement is coming.

Take control and take action. Figure out what dreams could be reachable goals, and create a strategy to make them reality.

Here are seven considerations to help you get organized:

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 7/18/14


Market News and Notes:

Weak summer spending clips retail sales

U.S. housing starts, permits decline in June

Economy, labor market expanding across U.S.: Beige Book

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 7/11/14


Market News and Notes:

QE likely to end with final $15B reduction in October

Services in U.S. Grow at Second-Fastest Pace in Almost Year

Consumer Credit in U.S. Jumps as Auto Lending Strengthens

How to Factor Medical Expenses Into Your Retirement Plan


The word "retirement" has pleasant connotations. It’s a life phase rooted in the American psyche. Workers look forward to it for years. After 40 or more years of the daily grind of work-life, in retirementwe get to relax and do what we want – be it travel, hobbies or whatever else may move us.

Very few Americans imagine steep medical bills and financial stress when they hear the word – with the possible exception of those who are nearing this life stage and are worried about paying for medical expenses. Yet, whether you realize it or not, medical care can consume a large portion of yourretirement budget.

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 7/4/14


Market News and Notes:

U.S. manufacturing sector growth dips slightly in June: ISM

Jobs blowout: Economy gains 288,000 in June

U.S. pending home sales hit eight-month high in May

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 6/27/14


Market News and Notes:

Existing home sales up 4.9%; best gain since '11

U.S. Economy Shrank in First Quarter by Most in Five Years

U.S. Personal Income Rises In Line With Estimates In May

The Cost of Being Average With Your 401(k) (Infographic)

Don't be Average With Your 401(k)

No one wants to be average, especially when it comes to the kind of retirement they’ll be able to afford. The infographic below compares the size of an average 401(k) investor’s nest egg with that of one who is taking retirement planning to the next level. Being a better-than-average planner could be the difference between having enough money to fund the kind of retirement you want or falling short of your retirement goals. 

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 6/20/14


Market News and Notes:

Consumer prices rise sharply in May

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Rises Most in Almost a Year

Industrial production rebounds in May

3 Ways to Make Your Retirement Strategy More Efficient

ira 401k

Your retirement accounts should be working at maximum capacity to move you toward retirement – firing on all cylinders, so to speak.

However, many Americans overlook the need to take a holistic approach and make sure all accounts are working together effectively. Failure to create a holistic, coordinated strategy that includes each retirement account could cause various problems, including:

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