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Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 7/4/14


Market News and Notes:

U.S. manufacturing sector growth dips slightly in June: ISM

Jobs blowout: Economy gains 288,000 in June

U.S. pending home sales hit eight-month high in May

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 6/27/14


Market News and Notes:

Existing home sales up 4.9%; best gain since '11

U.S. Economy Shrank in First Quarter by Most in Five Years

U.S. Personal Income Rises In Line With Estimates In May

The Cost of Being Average With Your 401(k) (Infographic)

Don't be Average With Your 401(k)

No one wants to be average, especially when it comes to the kind of retirement they’ll be able to afford. The infographic below compares the size of an average 401(k) investor’s nest egg with that of one who is taking retirement planning to the next level. Being a better-than-average planner could be the difference between having enough money to fund the kind of retirement you want or falling short of your retirement goals. 

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 6/20/14


Market News and Notes:

Consumer prices rise sharply in May

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Rises Most in Almost a Year

Industrial production rebounds in May

3 Ways to Make Your Retirement Strategy More Efficient

ira 401k

Your retirement accounts should be working at maximum capacity to move you toward retirement – firing on all cylinders, so to speak.

However, many Americans overlook the need to take a holistic approach and make sure all accounts are working together effectively. Failure to create a holistic, coordinated strategy that includes each retirement account could cause various problems, including:

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Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 6/13/14


Market News and Notes:

U.S. retail sales rise less than expected in May

U.S. consumer sentiment slips in June

Producer price index falls unexpectedly in May

Interesting Retirement Investing Articles:

Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 6/6/14

Market News and Notes:

U.S. economy regains all jobs lost in recession

ISM non-manufacturing index hits 56.3 in May

U.S. May car sales jump to 1.6 million, beating expectations

Interesting Retirement Investing Articles:

What to Do With 'Orphaned' 401(k)s

401k accounts

Do you have custody of your nest egg? A 2013 survey by ING Direct USA showed that half of American adults who participated in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k), have left an account at a previous employer. These “orphaned” retirement accounts represented more than $1 trillion in investment dollars in 2010. 

Leaving an employer is complicated enough, so managing a 401(k) account is likely the last thing on many people’s minds as they make an exit. Consider this: It’s common to move from one employer to the next every two or three years, particularly for people who are newer to the workforce. Someone in their mid-30s could have worked for four or five employers and left behind a 401(k) account each time they moved.

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Retirement Investing Market Updates – Week Ending 5/30/14

Market News and Notes:

Home Prices Rise in March According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices

Consumer Spending in U.S. Unexpectedly Declines

Durable Goods Orders in U.S. Unexpectedly Increase

5 401(k) Mistakes to Avoid

401k mistakesSetting up retirement plan contributions and choosing investments is the first step toward saving for your future. There are, however, mistakes that can derail the best retirement aspirations if investors are not careful. Here are five retirement investing traps to avoid:

Not knowing your personality. When it comes to investing, knowing your personality is the key to maintaining any strategy. Picking investments based solely on what friends, coworkers, or family members are using is not typically a wise idea. Those individuals may have a higher or lower tolerance for investment risk or have different investment goals.

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